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Lockdown Drill

Dear Parent(s) of John C. Fremont Student(s):

Tomorrow, March 25th, John C. Fremont Elementary School will be conducting a lockdown drill.  These drills are conducted on a yearly basis to secure student safety and heighten student and teacher preparedness in the event of a real lockdown. The drill will prepare our teachers and students to react appropriately much like they would in a real lockdown situation. The students will remain silent and in their classrooms while seated on the floor.

The drill will last approximately thirty minutes.  During the drill, students will not be allowed into the hallway corridors.  Officers from the Corcoran Police Department and Principal Ochoa will make a quick check that all classroom and exterior doors are locked and secure.  After the entire campus is monitored, students will then resume their normal schedules and activities in their classrooms.

Student and staff safety is our number one priority at John C. Fremont Elementary.  We conduct these drills because we want students and staff members to know their important roles in these unique situations.  Please contact John C. Fremont Elementary School if you have questions.

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